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Below are just some of the special events that we have catered for.

Launch of Fawkner Tearooms & Tonetti Catering

After many months of setting up our new after funeral function venue, we decided to invite everyone who had been supporting us over the years and who had become friends as well.

The evening went extremely well and all who attended appreciated the hard work that we had put into the venue to not only hold after funeral catering services, but to also hold funeral services followed by catering/sympathy teas. We would like to thank everyone for coming and we promise to continue to provide the high standard of service and the fine quality of food that you are used to.

White Lady Funerals

Christmas is generally a busy period where catering is in high demand. We get many requests from the general public, stakeholders and industry partners. One particular year White Ladies requested custom made cupcakes for their Christmas breakfast. The ladies were blown away by the crafty work of our staff. Creating various handmade look a like Christmas ornament toppings to signify the joyous season was great fun.

GMCT 2nd Birthday

In celebration of GMCTs (The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust) 2nd Birthday, a light morning tea was hosted for the staff and management at the Fawkner Cemetery. Held at the Fawkner Cemetery offices, blue and orange balloons were used to decorate the room and personalised cupcakes were chosen to highlight of the event. The cupcakes were decorated with the GMCT logo and the branded colors were used for the icing.

Once again this event was organised between GMCT and our staff to successfully capture the 2 years of GMCTs running of the Northern cemetery division.

Halloween Themes Funeral Directors Information Night

Information nights can be tedious and boring at times, especially where business overlaps into family time. Tonetti Catering held a Halloween theme Funeral Director Information Night where its aim was to provide an event which achieved a good balance between business and social interaction.

The night was a success because it wasn’t a regimental straight bantering night, but a more relaxed atmosphere where funeral directors had the chance to socialise with each other and bring family along for the experience.

Once again, the theme was not limited to the decorations and costumes, but filtered through to the food and beverages provided. Jackal lanterns weren’t just decorative ornaments, but were also made into cupcakes and into dip platters. Our point sandwiches also got re-invented into tombstones, creepy crawlies were hor’dourves, and slimy red blood cocktails were served to the thirsty vampires.

Elliot Launceston Luncheon

This event was held to honor and celebrate the life and achievements of Elliot Launceston, the 1st British medalist in the Modern Olympic Games. The GMCT management and staff hosted this honorary event within the cemetery grounds where Elliot Launceston himself is buried. The event was planned between GMCT and our staff to deliver a high profile GMCT event. The Fawkner Tearooms were altered to replicate an English Style High Tea environment to accommodate the VIP invitees from the International Olympic Committee (delegated officials), British Government Officials, members of the Launceston family and the GMCT trust.

The room itself went through a quick refurbishment with a light touch of paint and fresh flowers selections to emulate British heritage. The Menu for the luncheon reflected a British High Tea theme to compliment the event.